Miso - Tofu, seaweed, scallions  2
Wonton - House-made wonton filled with shrimp and pork in a savory chicken broth  3
Tom Yum - Thai style hot & sour soup with lemongrass and basil. (Shrimp or chicken)  4
Tom Kha - Thai style coconut flavored soup. (Shrimp or chicken)  4


Garden Salad - Served with ginger dressing  4
Seaweed Salad - Japanese Hiyashi Wakame seaweed salad  6
Kani Salad - Osaki crabstick, cucumber, caviar mixed with mayonaise  6
Ika Salad - Marinated thin sliced squid, cucumber in ginger sesame vinagrette  7
Green Papaya Salad - Julienned green papaya, roasted peanuts, string beans, tomato in a lime vinagrette dressing. Grilled chicken  7

Most items on our menu are gluten free and all sushi is gluten free.
If you have a specific concern regarding food allergens, please consult your server before ordering.

Prices subject to change in accordance with food costs. We accept all major credit cards, 15 dollar minimum please.

 The FDA advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of food borne illness. 

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